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Houston Tai Chi, and Kung Fu Martial Arts Studio

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  • The Chen Village. Founded in the 17th Century by Chen Wang Ting (1600-1680)

Traditional Tai Chi Training Suited to Practical Modern Combat

We are experts in traditional Taijiquan. Take a look at our new website, and call us to Start Your Training Now!!

Practical Combat

Chen Kung Fu is Chen Style Tai Chi Chuan ( Taijiquan ) applied to modern practical combat situations. Master Blue Siytangco takes the traditional training of Chen Style Taijiquan and makes it flow seamlessly from meditative poetic movements into vicious and unforgiving, practical battlefield efficiency that accomplishes its goal with minimal effort and maximum damage.

Tai Chi ( Taijiquan )

Tai Chi (Taijiquan)

The Energy that Chen Family Taijiquan possesses is the key essence of how practitioners cultivate powerful energy and refresh the body and mind. Practicing authentic Chen Family Taijiquan gives practitioners correct posture, usage of Qi (energy), and understanding of negative and the positive energy (Yin and Yang forces).

Harmony of the Self is attained by diligent practice, and a breakthrough of the limits of yourself.

Harmony of the Self

Any endeavor worth its pursuit is never easy. It requires a knowledge of yourself, and of your limits. You must break through these limits, and withstand the hardship that your body imposes upon you. When you attain this, you become mindful in your mind, in your feelings, in your body, and in the things around you. Your awareness, and abilites grow.

power results from proper mindful movement governed by the economy of mind

Overwhelming Power

The disciplines of relaxation, circulation, strengthening, balance, and mind-body coordination are deeply connected. When diligently practicing Taijiquan, the strengthening faculties naturally result in power that transcends physical ability. This isn’t just for old people. Most people don’t know that this art was formulated for quick killing on the battle field.

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